JKR Electronics has been providing
Home Automation Services for past 13 years. We represent and Integrate the most reliable brands in the market such as Crestron, Lutron and others. The automation of your home, yacht or business is what enables your state of the art system to communicate and run reliably. It will control lighting, shading, audio, video, security, climate control systems, and much more! It will let you have complete control of your system at any time using touch panel or keypad.

Video Distribution


This will allow you to keep all your devices such as BluRay players, direct TV and cable boxes stored in a central location such as a closet or rack room. Leaving your spaces looking clean and without clutter, allowing you to distribute video sources from the central location to each display throughout the home.

Whole Home Audio


This will give you the ability to have distributed audio by being able to listen to what you want anywhere in your home. You will be able to choose from multiple sources like an iPod, CD, AM, FM, XM, iPod and Pandora. All being controlled by keypad or touch panel that lets you select the source and volume control for that zone. All sources/equipment are stored out of sight in a rack room or closet.

Lighting Control


The Proper lighting in any home or business is one of the most important aspects to ensure tranquility and comfort. Lighting creates the ambiance for each room and will impact the way you feel and your mood. With our programming, we will create multiple scenes for each zone. For example, you are hosting a semi-formal dinner party. As your guests make their way into the dining area, lights dim to match the soothing music playing overhead and there is a warm comfortable ambience that everyone experiences. Lighting Control System Installation is also green friendly, controls temperature, helps with security and is convenient.

Motorized Shades


Just as with lighting control, incorporating Custom Motorized Shades creates the ambiance for each room and will impact the way you feel and your mood. Since natural light can be both harsh and warm depending on the time of day it is vital to maintain the proper shading control. Once Integrated this will allow you to control the shades in different rooms directly from you touch panel or keypad. Our programing will be done to fit your lifestyle, example it will allow you to have different scenes for each zone, can be programmed to change position automatically during day and much more.

Climate Control


It allows you to have access of your thermostat right from a touch panel or even a computer. Example you can be sitting in bed and decide it’s too warm and at the touch of bottom lower the temperature of thermostat without needing to get up. In addition, you can set the temperature to vary during the day automatically without constantly having to change the setting of your thermostat. Basically our programming will be done to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Security & Surveillance


The protection of your family and prized possessions is one of the most important aspects of your home. It is of great comfort knowing that you can view any space on your property at any time from any location in the world.JKR Electronics can design the security system and camera layout to fit your lifestyle and needs.